So we had to do a quick sketch in my Drawing class about a social issue, and I chose to do mine on shark finning.

Ya’ll probs don’t know this because I don’t talk about it much on here but I’m really big on marine biology… it’s what I’m majoring in when I go to college this fall. I’m especially interested in sharks cause I mean who isn’t, right? They’re hands down my favorite animal and it would be dope as fuck to work with them for a living.

But unfortunately, as most of you probably don’t know, sharks are disappearing. Not just Great Whites, either. All sharks. Their population has declined 90%. That’s fucking crazy. And that’s really upsetting considering they’re the oldest creatures in the world and it would really just suck for them to completely disappear. 

Most Asian countries are currently obsessed with this disgusting shit called shark fin soup. It used to be served exclusively to Emperors and other government officials and since Asians are big into culture and whatnot, they adopted the meal as soon as it was made available to them. Shark fin soup is currently sold in many countries around the world, even England. The piece of the sharks’ fin that actually goes into the soup is minuscule, even in the most expensive cup. And I should also probably mention that these bowls of soup ain’t cheap; depending on the size of the meat in the soup as well as where you’re dining, a single small bowl could go for about $20. 

So why should you care, right? People kill cows and chickens and pigs and we eat them on a regular basis so why should we care about killing sharks? They’re gonna eat us when we go swimming anyways, right? Well first of all you should be made aware that sharks are seriously misunderstood fish that really have less interest in eating you than you have in eating a piece of salami you find under your bed. Second of all, you should also be made aware of how exactly the fishermen acquire the fins. They lure a shark onto the boat - hammerhead, caribbean reef, thresher… it doesn’t matter - and if they’re smart fishermen, they’ll turn the shark on its back and put it in this trance like state called tonic immobility which is exactly what it sounds like. They will then proceed to slice off every single fin the shark has. Dorsal fin, secondary dorsal if they have one, pelvic fins, pectoral fins, caudal fin, anal fin… I’m not trying to sound like a smart ass by throwing all these terms at you I’m just trying to give you a good idea of just how many fins most sharks have. Mind you, the shark is still very much alive while its fins are sliced off. Then, they simply toss the finless shark back into the ocean to sink to the bottom, bleed out, and die. 

I understand that there probably won’t be an end to shark finning. money is money and in third world countries you gotta do what you gotta do. However, what bothered me was that this has been going on so long and I first heard about it only last year. Made me realize that there are probably a lot of people out there that have no idea that this is happening. So, I thought i’d use my followers in order to spread awareness of this particular issue. If each and every one of ya’ll told a few other people about this, more people would become actively involved in trying to stop shark finning, or at least contribute to decreasing the demand for shark fins.

If you aren’t easily disgusted, watch this video:

It gets graphic toward the middle, fair warning. But it’s a documentary about it with Chef Gordon Ramsey who makes it particularly entertaining if you aren’t one who likes documentaries.

and here’s some other shorter ones

And finally this one which is the most graphic and upsetting one I found:!

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