Anonymous: how long does a shroom trip last? I've never tripped. What would you recommend for my first time tripping 

4 or 5 hours give or take. definitely do shrooms before any other psychedelic tho. just chill preferably outside listen to some good music and you’ll have a grand ole time

Anonymous: how long does a trip on LSD last? 

depends. could be as long as 8 hours. my longest was probably 9 or 10

Anonymous: What's your opinion on molly? I smoke 3+ times a day, I occasionally drop acid, and I just started occasionally rolling at parties (but I don't drink sooo). My friends are all concerned it'll lead to harder drugs but I honestly think it'll be fine because I just do drugs in place of drinking with them. I'm just curious to hear from a more experienced person who's already faced harder drugs as well. 

you just described all of my friends. you can use those drugs without ever needing to use harder drugs so tell ya homies to chill. as long as you don’t have that deep hidden desire to do hard drugs “for the experience”. that’s what will fuck you over.

Anonymous: What drugs do you do? 

As of right now I’m 4 weeks sober but that’s only cause I’ve been in the hospital. I plan on keepin it that way but we’ll see what happens