I get an hour long break at this job and tbh idek what to do with it other than rip cigs and eat cookies


Atmosphere // Fuck You Lucy

Do I sound mad?
Well I guess I’m a little pissed
Every action has a point
Five points make a fist
You close ‘em
You swing ‘em
It hurts when it hits
And the truth can be a bitch
But if the boot fits
I got an idea
You should get a tattoo that says “Warning”
That’s all, just a warning
So the potential victim
Can take a left and safe breath
And avoid you
Sober and upset in the morning
I wanna scream “Fuck you, Lucy!”
But the problem is I love you, Lucy
So instead
I’m gonna finish my drink and have another
While you think about how you used to be my lover
Fuck You 

(via incompetentboob)